The Governor of Lagos state, Akinwunmi Ambode and President Muhammadu Buhari were sworn in the same day.
It is also instructive to point out that the two men belong to the same party, the All Progressive Congress, APC.
The two men took their oath of office the same day. One in Abuja, the other person in Lagos.
Ambode started running the very day he was sworn in. Though he was a little bit slow months after his swearing in and many Lagosians called for his head.20 months after his swearing in, many people who stay in Lagos, agrees that the man has done remarkably well. At least you can see the dividends of paying your tax to Lagos state government.
It is worthy to note that the former governor, Raji Fashola, now Minister of Power, Works and Housing, left Lagos in a terrible state; as his performance was sub par and really below average.
Although, he has one or two projects to his name, not as the way Nigeria’s media hyped him.
Fashola left a big debt for his successor to inherit but all these factors did not weigh nor distract Ambode for one day.
He was focused and his eyes were on the ball.
Going to Abuja, the person that was sworn in the same day with Ambode went to sleep.
For 7 months, the country was on auto pilot and rudderless.
While he was wasting time because he is clueless and was not prepared for leadership, JP Morgan delisted us and took away 25 Billion dollars from this economy.
They said he was taking his time to pick his ministers and his media adviser, Femi Adesina, told us that in the fullness of time, we shall see the technocrats and saints that his principal would give us as ministers.

When the list of saints were unveiled, we saw a sports minister that apparently does not have his full sense intact and has ridiculed us before the rest of the world.
A finance minister that told us that recession is a word and one that took us to a recession with her uncoordinated and school boy fiscal policies.
A Rotimi Amaechi that allowed our aviation industry and airports to go to the dogs; his interest is in the politics of Rivers state and how to humiliate Wike.
An FCT minister, that has been snoring ever since he was appointed. Today Abuja is an eyesore and has never been this bad.
An Ogbonaya Onu, that is busy approaching Supreme Court judges to procure judgement instead of doing what he was appointed to do.
A Fashola that has not started and completed one single road ever since he was appointed. In fact, it is that bad that power has gone down to all time low.
An Ngige that is confused and does not exactly understand why he was appointed.
An Audu Ogbeh, that thinks we should import Brazilian grass for Fulani herdsmen and who was senseless to encourage his equally confused Boss to ban importation of rice when we don’t have the capacity to be self sufficient. This stupid policy has ushered in hunger and hopelessness in the land.
The Shittu who is confused whether he is a Muslim Alfa or Minister of ICT.
One Dambazzu, that accused the catholic church for making noise because of the genoicide happening in Southern Kaduna.
The disaster of a President, going about, blaming PDP, his ancestors at Duara, his wife Aisha and the former President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GEJ, for his own incompetence. Mouthing rubbish and platitudes why the country is in a sorry state.
Remember, Ambode has never for once blamed Fashola because the young man is smart enough to understand that government is a continuum.
Ambode was prepared for leadership and it is evident. His performance so far has been nothing but stellar while the confused president will go down as the worst thing to ever happen to us and a mistake that we should not repeat again.
Ambode performance so far has been nothing but heartwarming and Lagos has never had it this good before.
The difference between Amobode and Buhari is simple: Amobode was ready to serve while Buhari was not, rather he wanted power for the sake of it and today Nigerians are gnashing their teeth.
It is unfortunate but we shall prevail.
Chukwudi Iwuchukwu writes from Lagos

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